Encounter-X: Confrontations, The Push Back, That The Universe Sent You To Do
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Your Whole Life Has Led You To This Moment. You Have Trained, Reflected And Meditated On A Time In The Future Where You Would Be Called To Do Something. Are You Paying Attention? 
You'll Learn:

  • The Skin Walker, what is it, how did it come to be and what are its intentions.

  • Encounters related to the skin walkers

  • How an advance intelligence broadcast is working on the consciousness of the local population

  • The UFO Connection, Sightings, Manipulated event recall and control.

  • Invoking spiritual thoughts have a shutdown effect on active phenomenon encounters, Why?

  • A.I, Aliens, Dimensional travelers and The others. Thousands of years of Encounters. 

  • The Hunt for white cells, Are they looking for you?

  • Saucers, Cigar, Triangle, boomerang shaped crafts. Corporation Black ops vs Government ops?

  • Shadow People Observations or Other intelligences studying you, the white cell.

  • And much more.

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  • This recorded class can now be yours to keep! Order now and get unlimited access. There is so much juicy content in this class you can't possibly ingest it all in just one viewing. With the replay you can watch and listen as many times as you like! 

  • 2 hours of guided teaching with Eric discussing at length just what exactly Encounter- X is all about, including its influence on the world, the hows and whys, and the need for the universe to counteract and return balance. (In a sense, from what could be considered in macro terminology to be an outside virus or infection caused by the influence of the Darkside. The objective is to make a stand against influences that may be tampering with the natural progression of humanity.)

  • If you have ever pined to know the purpose behind your passion and drive to serve something bigger than yourself. If you have ever wondered why Eric has always insisted that you as a white cell are indeed a badass warrior, you are about to find out. This is bigger and more real than anything you might be imagining at this moment. 

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