The Nothing That You Are...
Hosted By Eric Pepin
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Preparing For Session
If you have not experienced a Higher Balance Dreamscape before, we recommend having on some comfortable, relax fit clothing if possible, a good chair or couch to lay back and enjoy yourself. The first part of the class is a lecture/Q&A on the subject of simulated reality. It is preparing your mind for what's to come next.

Part two is the Dreamscape session. Using a combination of music and some basic hypnosis techniques, Eric guides the group through a series of revelations carefully designed to seed an awakening within you.

If you've ever seen the movie the matrix, there is a scene where Neo is being unplugged from the matrix. As an analogy, this is a very good way of explaining what begins to occur within your consciousness.

In a sense, the Dreamscape is setting off alarm bells within your awareness. It is reminding you of a deeply engrained truth, once forgotten, but always waiting for the time in your life were it was ripe to be revealed once again. 

You can revisit these recordings as often as you like. Multiple viewings are recommended. 

This is going to push the bar of your awakening. Be careful what you ask for because you just might get it! 
Updates: Zipf's Law
Homework Before Class
The video Eric is referring to is the Zipf Mystery by Vsauce on YouTube and can be seen here ->
"The Nothing That You Are"
Replay + Guided Dreamscape Session = $39.00

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