The Nothing That You Are...
Hosted By Eric Pepin
Your life is controlled and predicted by certain laws. These are those laws...


When we say nothing in a spiritual context, what do we really mean? 

You have to allow yourself to slip into the nothing in order to become the everything. 


But more than just an abstract concept, there has to be a concise explanation of how you do that, otherwise, You're pretty much a sitting duck. One of the millions of seekers throughout the ages who failed to see their Enlightenment cycles come full circle because all they were given for tools were fancy sayings, and rudimentary answers they had no way of applying in any real world practical sense.  


Today that's all changing, science and technology have begun catching on to things that mystics, sages and yogis have been trying to explain for decades, that reality as we know it is not what it seems. Something is amiss...

"Life is a dream" a grand illusion... In modern times we say life is a matrix, or more acutely, it is a simulation.

The Nothing That You Are... program directly challenges old, out of date stereotypes, paving the way for an updated understanding of something you have intuitively sought out your entire life.

This is going to push the bar of your awakening. Do not proceed further unless you are ready to have your sense of existence directly challenged. 

Watch This Recording Eric Made Prior To The Live Broadcast
How To Prepare For Session

If you have not experienced a Higher Balance Dreamscape before, we recommend having on some comfortable, relax fit clothing if possible, a good chair or couch to lay back and enjoy yourself. The first part of the class is a lecture/Q&A on the subject of simulated reality. It is preparing your mind for what's to come next.

Part two is the Dreamscape session. Using a combination of music and some basic hypnosis techniques, Eric guides the group through a series of revelations carefully designed to seed an awakening within you.

If you've ever seen the movie the matrix, there is a scene where Neo is being unplugged from the matrix. As an analogy, this is a very good way of explaining what begins to occur within your consciousness.

In a sense, the Dreamscape is setting off alarm bells within your awareness. It is reminding you of a deeply engrained truth, once forgotten, but always waiting for the time in your life were it was ripe to be revealed once again. 

You can revisit these recordings as often as you like. Multiple viewings are recommended.

This is going to push the bar of your awakening. Be careful what you ask for because you just might get it!  
"The Nothing That You Are"
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